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Does Temporary Health Insurance Fit Your Needs?

People who find themselves in a transition period in their lives consider temporary health insurance to be an important “bridge” for healthcare coverage. Although life changes can often be anticipated and prepared for, at other times opportunities present themselves out of the blue that could significantly improve our fortune or those of our families.

Healthcare coverage is often a deciding factor when we come across a once-in-a-lifetime chance. In the past, temporary health plans were viewed as only an option for those who missed open enrollment for Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant insurance coverage.

Many people risked their financial well-being and family’s health because they didn’t realize that this option was available to them and their dependents. Temporary health insurance makes sense for bridging lapses in coverage periods, but you can’t take advantage of it if you don’t know about it. That’s why it’s good to keep informed!

With so many options for families and workers to change careers or to relocate, having more choices in our medical coverage makes sense and provides a freedom of movement that earlier generations didn’t enjoy. No one wants to risk going without some form of healthcare no matter how exciting a new job is or how beautiful and inviting a new home may be.

Transition periods can occur throughout our lives, but most often come about when we move from one stage in our lives to another. In these cases, temporary health insurance can be the answer to protect our health when we may be most vulnerable to sickness or injury.

Health Insurance for 20-Somethings

For those new to the job market such as recent graduates in their first tentative steps in a career or newly hired workers waiting to become eligible for coverage, temporary health insurance makes sense. Typically, young adults just starting out on their life paths prefer this type of healthcare coverage even though many more options are available to them.

Younger consumers who are in their 20s may select temporary health insurance as they navigate through the early part of their careers or if they decide to return to school to improve their skills. Most workplace plans require a standard 90-day waiting period, but why should you wait healthcare coverage if you don’t have to?

Although young, healthy adults might be tempted to rely on their good health and skip paying for healthcare, it’s not a good idea to go without healthcare. All it takes is an unexpected injury or illness striking at an inopportune time for them to suffer a significant setback that could affect future earnings or career advancement.

Health Insurance for Retirees

Retirement can be tricky and is often when medical needs are the greatest. Like the start of a career, the end of it can leave us with unfinished business but plenty of opportunity.

Some companies offer their workers the option to retire early. So what do you do about healthcare if given the option of early retirement?

An offer to opt out of your career early could provide you with the opportunity you want to move on to the next phase of life. Or it could turn into a complete disaster. Evaluating healthcare options should be your first order of business before you accept any such offer from your employer.

Whatever the reason, some older Americans find themselves waiting for Medicare to begin, but are no longer covered by their work plan. Temporary health insurance can be obtained on a temporary basis to fill gaps in coverage in these situations.

The many options offered by temporary health insurance allow us to take advantage of career choices we might otherwise have to refuse. Short-term plans can fill the need between employer-sponsored coverage and Medicare when we need it most.

Health Insurance for Immigrants

Even with sponsorship, immigrant workers will still require some form of coverage. Temporary workers also need some type of plan should they – or their family members – require medical care.

When starting a new job, healthcare is usually provided as part of a benefit package, but there’s often a waiting period. Temporary health insurance is ideal for these times.

We can’t always predict what life throws our way. Sadly, sometimes the surprises aren’t always pleasant. A relatively minor accident such as a broken limb or hospitalization for the flu can be financially devastating for workers who don’t have some form of coverage.

Temporary health insurance can mean the difference between a funny anecdote or tragic, life-altering event.

Today, we recognize that no one should go without healthcare coverage—even if only for a few months. Or have to choose between having health care coverage and a great job, new relationship, or chance to improve their family’s circumstances.

For this reason, temporary health insurance was designed to bridge the gap in coverage when life events interrupt employer-sponsored, marketplace plans, or government coverage. Consider a short-term plan, and live your life to the fullest.

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